18 de desembre 2008

Where is the cheese?

"Day by day, step by step, the little mouse found how to reach the cheese. There was only one way, by walking... walking through the dark corners of the enormous labyrinth where it was lost in. Every single way seemed to be long, to have no way out, but after that way there was always another one. Hundred straights, thousand turns, too many days inside that kind of life proof, its feet were hurting, but it was keep on walking, because someday, somewhere, the cheese should be waiting."

Dijous, un dijous de pas entremig d'un dimecres estrany i un divendres encara massa amagat per veure quina cara fa.

La frase del dia:

Una cançó estranya per un dia estrany (potser és repetida, però em segueix fascinant i fent somriure cada vegada que l'escolto i veig el clip):