29 de gener 2009

Do you remember?

"I don't mind... I really don't mind. Neither why, nor how, nor what,nor who... I don't mind!
Just takin' out my shoes, and put my feeth on the ground, to feel every step I do, to feel every piece of the road I'm walking. Just taking out my t-shirt and walk with my chest nude, feeling the breeze on my skin. Just closin' my eyes and hear the sound of the air goin' inside with my breathing.

Today I'm having a bad day... but I don't mind.

Worst will come...

... and 'till missing too much"

La foto... un atac de rabiosa nostàlgia, d'aquells que fan mal.

La frase del dia:

"Si no fós per la música, hi hauria més raons per tornar-se boig"

Un cançó de més per un dijous absurd: